PJ 007

Mister Goodnite “Songs About Love And Lack Thereof” Mixtape

Side A:
1. You’re Too Cool
2. In Lieu
3. Duty Free
4. Don’t Trust Me
6. All My Best

Side B
1. Dominator
2. All About My Lovers
3. I Love You When You Owe Me Money
4. So Long
5. Let’s Kill Ourselves
6. Rebound
7. What I Left (Hidden Track)

Audio Cassette Mixtape & Digital
Limited to 200 copies.
Released on September 16, 2013

The late Mister Goodnite, once the top loner-lounge act in east LA, is currently revered as the most captivating psych-pop entertainer in purgatory. Largely based on writing original material over a pastiche of rare soul, psych, and funk samples from the audience’s subconscious, Mister Goodnite is a duet-based bridge between psych-pop, soul and 90’s hip hop. Aptly titled “loner lounge”, the result is a series of 12 lo-fi dreamscapes sitting somewhere between heaven and hell, Frank Sinatra and Ghost Face, Syd Barrett and Syl Johnson.

Utilizing the mixtape cassette format to it’s full capacity, Songs About Love And Lack Thereof is a wholly fluid conceptual piece, interspersing sound collages and film clips between tracks, allowing no unintentional breaks.

Mister Goodnite Press Photo 1