PJ 008



Evan Weiss – Vocals, Guitar
Brandon Intelligator – Guitar
Darren Weiss – Drums
Michael Shuman – Bass
Zach Dawes – Bass
Sam KS – Drums on Track 2
Patrick Kelly – Bass on Track 2

Track Listing:

1. Fuckface
2. Come Over
3. And I Know
4. Like A Cop
5. World’s Biggest Trash Can
6. Going Down
7. No Ticket
8. Be Safe
9. Taste It
10. Rock And Roll Casualty
11. Always In My Heart

Junk is a band.

A rock and roll band, formed in the process of making a rock and roll record. Nothing more, nothing less. In that aspect, I think Junk is a success.

I called up my brother. I called up some friends. Musical collaborators old and new. We laughed. We stayed up late. We ate. Drank. It felt good making this.

And now Junk plays live too. We are based in Los Angeles.

I was born here. The city and the music here has changed a lot since I first started playing in punk bands as a teenager over a decade ago. Then again, what hasn’t?

A friend told me we remind her of Dinosaur Jr. A stranger, in an email, said the bass reminds him of Bauhaus. Most people comment about how “Come Over” has that T-Rex boogie. I told my brother I thought we were a punk band and he laughed and said were alternative rock. I can hear what they’re saying, but not sure I agree. I’m okay with that. I like that it strikes people in different ways.

I thought long and hard about how to release this record… Too hard. I’ll be honest, I over thought it.

I decided its time to put the fucking thing out. On our own. For free. You can pay for it if you think it’s worth it.

Please take a listen. I hope you enjoy it.

- Evan Weiss