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Wires On Fire “Up Your Sleeve” b/w “Born Dirty To Last Forever” Digital Download
1. Up Your Sleeve
2. Born Dirty To Last Forever

Digital Download
Released June 11, 2013

“Up Your Sleeve” b/w “Born Dirty To Last Forever” marks Wires On Fire’s first release since 2008. Looking around and taking stock, this might just be the perfect time for WOF to rear their head once again.

Formed in 2004, Wires On Fire began as a group of rambunctious teenagers playing punk-fueled rock and roll, as much influenced by the calculated chaos of Drive Like Jehu and The Jesus Lizard as the heavy riffage of Black Sabbath and street-smart grit of the Rolling Stones.

During their tenure as an active band, Wires On Fire released 2004’s Homewrecker EP, 2006’s bombastic Self-Titled full-length (on the now defunct, and infamous Buddyhead Records), in addition to various split, single, and compilation appearances as they fervently toured the United States.

While the band never broke up, at a certain point in time they simply disappeared. Bass player and vocalist Michael Shuman was recruited at the age of 21 to play for Queens of the Stone Age. Drummer Darren Weiss moved to New York City to pursue a degree in Literature, and formed his own band, PAPA. His older brother Evan Weiss (guitar / vocals) formed the country tinged punk rock band Slang Chickens. Michael Shuman kept busy during his time off with QOTSA to form psychedelic pop stalwarts Mini Mansions. In 2011, the Weiss brothers joined GIRLS, and toured the world with them in support of their landmark album, “Father, Sun, and Holy Ghost.” Evan continued to record and tour with Christopher Owens on his debut album, “Lysandre.”

“Up Your Sleeve” b/w “Born Dirty To Last Forever” showcases Wires On Fire returning to the blueprint they laid out nearly a decade ago, with the sharpened skill-set they’ve individually acquired over the years on the road and in the studio with their various projects.